The union between two Method Breathing Technique and Body Work:

Rebirthing and LifeWings method ! Soon the Book

Juma Vitali is the co-Founder of the Method RebirthWings with a rebirther called Tahrin.

From 2016 till 2018 Juma Vitali and Tahrin Rebirther travelled around the world bringing this revolutionary Method to Australia, Brazil, Italy, Belgium etc..Now Juma holds groups of 5 Days RebirthWings Training with rebirthers and Tahrin holds workshops and wonderful retreats on the island Fuerteventura where he lives.

What is Rebirthing? It is a safe and powerful breathing process that releases tension and trauma from the body, freeing it so that you may be your true self and reach your unlimited potential.

The breath is a sublime healer. It is the umbilical cord to the Divine. By using a variety of smoothly connected breaths; energy which may be called prana, chi, ki, or the life force, is taken into the body where it dissolves and brings up anything that is unlike itself. When this takes place, blockages that have been holding us back at the psychological, spiritual, or cellular source, surface and a deep inner transformation occurs.

Rebirthing focuses on birth and the thoughts, or imprints which affected us at that time which guide our life. As a child we received many negative messages from the time of conception through adolescence from well-meaning parents, relatives, teachers, the media, etc. The first time we react to stress or pressure is in the womb. The nine months spent in utero and the next two years until a child learns to set boundaries and say “no” are crucial. Many of our core beliefs about ourself and the world are formed during this period. The natural response to birth, or childhood trauma is to create defense mechanisms which go on to become unconscious habitual patterns. As we grow up these patterns can manifest as addictions, self-sabotage, phobias, anxiety attacks, and other self-defeating patterns which cause us to act unconsciously or negatively.

Many doctors are now researching birth and womb experience.”The Secret Life of the Unborn Child” by Dr. Thomas Verny,”Babies Remember Birth” by Dr. David Chamberlain, and “Voices From the Womb” by Michael Gabriel. M.A. are only a few of the many current books available on the subject. A study was also conducted in the United States which found that the most violent prisoners had experienced the most violent births.

Rebirthing is different from many other natural healing modalities because the emphasis is on letting the breath release the trauma or unexpressed emotions, rather than re-experiencing them. The breath by-passes the mind thus control is broken down and we work purely on the spiritual and physical level. We do not talk during a session, nor does the practitioner touch, as the energy that made us knows what it has to do to heal us.

The mind may not have easy access to early memories, but the body does not lie. Once the breathing begins, the body has to tell the truth about what it has been storing. What comes up for healing is meant to. Also, whatever we don’t heal we pass on. Therefore, some of the clearing may not even be ours, but has been passed on through the cells from our ancestors for generations. It is cellular memory.

Most people benefit from being rebirthed by a professionally trained rebirther. When one begins the process the intense emotions, or vivid memories, can be dispelled by the presence of the rebirther. It is also recommended to have a back-up support system to discuss any material that may arise..

Rebirth Wings® is an experience developed by Tahrin Rebirther and Wellness Operator and Juma Vitali Holistic Counselor S.I.A.F, Director of the Holistic School Co-Being.


Rebirth Wings® is the encounter between two practices the emotional body approach called Lifewings method that is based on the character structures map and the practice of Rebirthing. 

The character structures are divided into five typologies.
Each typology has a special defense system different from the other.
The character structure does not indicate the person in its complexity, but  its only a way of responding to life from the very first moments in the womb.
Defensive systems are like “armor” described by Reich and later by A. Lowen. It was observed that humans are not free to live in the flow of life because they tend to hold back pleasure, preferring a forced adaptation to a negative pleasure, more accepted by the environment in which they lived, where they were grown up.
The “armor” becomes muscular by all those attitudes and postures developed by the person to reduce the emotional flow and feelings.
Our goal is to slide the energy freely so that the person releases the muscular tensions by solving emotional conflicts, which, otherwise,
become protagonists in everyday life and reduce the quality of family relationships, the perception of pleasure and love.
Through the exercises, the quality of perception and the confidence improve, parent can learn to respect their own needs and to surrender the spontaneous flow of vital movement, to which the baby naturally tends!!!
Body and breath are meant to penetrate what is blocked: Breath, Muscles, Diaphragm, Emotions all begins to be more relaxed.
Regarding the character of a person, it should be pointed out that there are no “pure” types in reality, each of us is a mixture.
During the Rebirth Wings® evenings, people are invited to take on body positions associated with the five character structures: Fugitive, Dominant, Oral, Tolerant, Rigid, and each of these postures are linked to a kind of breathing designed specifically for the dissolution of tensions related to that type of structure.

5 Days Training RebirthWings®

During Training RebirthWings® therapists are invited to learn the body positions associated with the five character structures: Fugitive, Dominant, Dependent, Tolerant, Rigid. And each of these postures will be linked to a sequence of breathing designed specifically for the dissolution of tensions related to that type of structure.

We also link five energy modulation to five modes of behavioral attitudes, students are invited to experiment with the various vibrational modes that are implemented in relationships. In this way students become aware that being in relationship is an energy issue even before it becomes emotional or mental.

Then are teached five breaths related to the five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, Fear. These breathing will be useful for students to learn how to induce emotions so that their patients/clients can recognize them, live and / or dissolve them.

Each character structure is explored in the resources in the light side through body exercises, grounding exercises, energy exercises to gain the awareness of energy modulation implemented spontaneously in characters, and finally breathwork exercises accompanied by sound healing and imaginative induction.


Lise Borbeau “The Five Wounds”

Juma Vitali “the five vital treatments”

Anodea Judith “Seven Chakra Wheels”

Susan Thesenga “The helpless”

Alexander Lowen: “Bioenergetics”

5 days + one individual session Rebirthwings + 2 supervision + test in the next 2 months

Timetable: from 10am to 6 pm

il Rebirth Wings® è un’ esperienza elaborata da
Juma Vitali, counselor olistico S.I.A.F Direttrice didattica 
e Tahrin Rebirther  operatore del Benessere. 
Rebirth Wings è l’ incontro tra due pratiche quella del metodo Lifewingsmethod che è un approccio emotivo corporeo che si basa sulla mappa delle cinque strutture caratteriali e quella del Rebirthing
Le strutture caratteriali sono divise in cinque tipologie. Ogni tipologia presenta un      particolare sistema di difesa diverso dagli altri. La struttura caratteriale non indica la persona nella sua complessità, ma solo il suo modo di rispondere alla vita fin dai primi momenti nel grembo.
I sistemi difensivi sono come “corazza”  descritti da Reich e in seguito da A. Lowen. Si osservò che l’uomo è non vive libero nel fluire della vita, ma tende a trattenere il piacere, preferendo un adattamento forzato a un piacere negativo, più accettato dall’ ambiente in cui vive, in cui viene educato. La “corazza” diventa muscolare e caratteriale formata da tutti quegli atteggiamenti e posture sviluppati dalla persona
per ridurre il fluire delle emozioni e delle sensazioni del corpo.
L’ obiettivo è far scorrere l’energia  liberamente cosicchè la persona rilasci le tensioni muscolari risolvendo per effetto conflitti emotivi che, altrimenti,
diventano protagonisti nella vita quotidiana e riducono la qualità delle
relazioni famigliari, la percezione del piacere e dell’amore.
Attraverso gli esercizi proposti si migliora la qualità percettiva e anche i genitori
imparano a rispettare i propri bisogni e abbandonarsi al flusso spontaneo del movimento vitale, a cui il bambino in modo naturale tende!!
Il corpo e il respiro rappresentano il mezzo per penetrare in ciò che è bloccato: Respiro, Muscoli, Diaframma, Emozioni tutto ricomincia a essere più rilassato. 
 Riguardo al tipo di carattere di una persone occorre precisare che non esistono nella realtà tipi “puri”, ognuno miscela all’interno della suo carattere diversi modi.
 Durante gli incontri di RebirthWings® le persone sono invitate ad assumere posizioni corporee collegate alle cinque strutture di carattere: Fuggitivo, Dominante, Dipendente, Tollerante, Rigido e ognuna di queste posture sarà collegata a
un tipo di respirazione elaborata appositamente per
lo scioglimento delle tensioni correlate a quel tipo di struttura.

Cos’è il Rebirthing:

Il rebirthing si è sviluppato a metà degli anni Settanta negli Stati Uniti grazie a Leonard Orr. Da circa una trentina d’anni si è poi diffuso in molti paesi dell’occidente. Esso viene descritto come un metodo di crescita personale basato sull’utilizzo del respiro. Ciò che rende differente la respirazione praticata dal rebirthing da altre pratiche o metodi, come ad esempio lo yoga e il pranayama, è che si tratta, secondo la descrizione che ne danno i praticanti, di un respiro connesso, cioè senza pause e ritenzione del respiro. Secondo i sostenitori del metodo, eliminando le pause si creerebbe una respirazione che carica l’organismo di energia vitale oltre che di ossigeno.


                                                                    5 Days Training RebirthWings®

Durante il Training RebirthWings® i terapeuti sono invitati ad imparare le posizioni corporee collegate alle cinque strutture di carattere: Fuggitivo, Dominante, Dipendente, Tollerante, Rigido
e ognuna di queste posture sarà collegata a un tipo di respirazione elaborata appositamente
per lo scioglimento delle tensioni correlate a quel tipo di struttura.

Colleghiamo inoltre cinque modulazioni energetiche a cinque modalità di attitudine comportamentale, gli studenti sono invitati a sperimentare le varie modalità vibrazionali che vengono attuate in relazione. In questo modo si diventa consapevoli che essere in relazione è una questione energetica ancor prima di diventare emotiva o mentale.

Vengono poi sperimentate a livello esperienziale cinque respirazioni collegate alle cinque emozioni: Gioa, Tristezza, Disgusto, Rabbia, Paura. Queste respirazioni saranno utili agli studenti per imparare a indurre un’ emozione per poterla cosi riconoscere, vivere e/o sciogliere.

Ogni struttura di carattere viene esplorata nella risorsa attraverso esercizi corporei di grounding, esercizi energetici per acquisire la consapevolezza delle modulazioni energetiche attuate spontaneamente nel carattere e infine esercizi legati al breathwork accompagnato dal sound healing e all’ induzione immaginativa.

Libri: Lise Borbeau “ Le cinque ferite ”
Juma Vitali “ i cinque trattamenti vitali “
Anodea Judith “ Le sette ruote dei chakra “
Susan Thesenga “ Il se indifeso “
Alexander Lowen: “ Bioenergetica “

Durata: 5 giorni + una sessione individuale + 2 supervisioni con test orale nei successivi 2 mesi

Orario: dalle 10 alle 18